Fall Into Fashion... Maternity Style..

Hey Everyone!
Now that the weather is finally changing in Dallas.
It's time to start sewing for Fall and Winter. I'm really enjoying the cool nights with our window open and feeling the nights breeze. That got me to thinking, dresses I don't have any long sleeves dresses.
I picked up 2 yards of this medium weight gray knit from, you guessed it Wally World for $5.47 a yard. I also have a swing jacket and dress I made last year from this material.

I made these 2 years ago and still have yet to wear the dress, but I promise this year she will be worn.
Just click the link and it will take you directly to the garments.

I didn't use a pattern.
 I simply traced a dress I loved.

Then I used a sleeve for the McCall's 6797 pattern for the sleeves.

Sides all sewn up of the dress and added the sleeves.

I also used the neckband from the same McCall's 6797.
It came out great..

View of the side sleeve..

Another view of side sleeve.

It took about an hour and a half from start to finish. I didn't rush on this project and I even reinforced the sides due to my growing belly. 
Excuse the awkwardness of the belly.
I tried, LOL..

Another awkward moment..
It's too low, need to lift it up..

That's a little better.
This is how I'll be wearing the dress.

Another view!!

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Flutter sleeve dress

Pierre Hardy high heel ankle boots
$530 - theoutnet.com

Chanel wristlet purse

Armenta white jewelry

Be-Jewelled gold drop earrings
$130 - johnlewis.com

Opi nail polish


McCall's 6797 Maternity Style..

Hey Everyone!
I'm back again this week with a sewing project I just finished last night. Some of you may know that I'm expecting at 43 years of age and now I'm in need of maternity clothes. Most of the maternity clothes out there aren't too cute or flattening at all to the beautiful growing belly of an expecting woman. Thinking and trying to find something cute to wear to work and out and about, I had to dig into my patterns and find some "maternity-type" clothes I can couture to my body. 

Well, first up was easy, I'm making about 10 of these shirts because they are too cute.
This isn't my first time making it and knew when I dug my older sweater out, I had to go out and buy  fabric to make more. 

I went with a black and white striped medium weight knit, purchased from my favorite Wally World at $3.47 per yard. I cut it diagonal to give it a little dimension and to accentuate my growing body. 

It took about a hour and a half from start to finish. 

McCall's 6797
Image result for Mccall 6797
All cut and ready to go..

Front and back sewn together. 

Side of the unfinished shirt and it fits the belly to a tee..

Neck needs to be finished 

Neckband all done.

After added the sleeve and hemming the shirt, she was all done.
Another side view of the cute shirt. 

View of the flared side of the blouse 

Finished blouse.
I really recommend this top for non-maternity and maternity, you'll love the fit.

I hope you've enjoy this project as much as I did.
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Easy $4.00 DIY Dollar Tree Lantern

Hey Everyone!
Just wanted to drop by and post a quick DIY for you.
We all know the holiday season is upon us and a lot of us are on a budget.
So, here's a inexpensive and elegant way to "brighten" your holidays and even use them all year round.

Isn't it pretty!


4 Picture Frames, any size, I went with 5x7.
Paint (optional)
Hot Glue Gun
Beads for the feet of your Lantern

My first step is optional, I decoupaged glitter over my candles to give them a glow..
I recommend that you texturize your candle before putting glitter on them. Just take fork and score the sides to rough'em up a little, the glitter will adhere better to them.
I had my fan right next to me, as soon as I finished applying the decoupage glitter, I put them under the fan. It didn't take very long to dry but I waited overnight. 

You see in some place where the glitter just started to slide, I won't tell if you don't.
They still look beautiful at night.

These were $1 each at the Dollar Tree and really nice I might add.

I unwrapped, then separated the glass from the picture frame.

After, I dried brushed some beautiful flat paint on the frame. No, sanding needed.
I wanted more of a rustic feel.

Added mirror back to the frame by hot gluing each corner.

Hot glue each frame together, making a box.

Like this picture below
This is the bottom

After all sides are hot glued and dried.

Trace the bottom of your lantern out on a sturdy piece of cardboard and hot that at the bottom.

I also had some old beads to use as feet for my lantern.
I just glued them on to the bottom of the cardboard.

And there you have it..
Seriously, this took about 1 hour to do and that was with the decoupaging and dry painting the frames.

I hoped you've enjoyed this simple but elegant way to illuminate your home..
If you have any questions or comments please feel free and share if ever possible.

Until Next Time....


Fail on Project Runway!!

Hey Everyone!
I know it's been 2 weeks since I posted a Project Runway Review..
I'm really going to have to discontinue it because of my job and pregnancy.
At 43 years of age, this baby has gotten me soo tired, I just don't have the energy to do anything. I come home from work and prepare dinner, get ready for the next day and I'm shot..
I'm exhausted! Don't get me wrong I look at it and love this season soo far. These designers are really redeeming Project Runway from last season. I really want to review but my poor body won't let me..
Forgive Me!!!!

Also I've went out of town about 2 weeks and think that kind of threw me off my game as well.
I haven't even sewn in about a month, seriously, been to tired to do anything..

I'll try my best to post DIY's and sewing, when I feel energized but for now just look at all of my past post and enjoy..



Until Next Time...

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