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Monthly Meat Purchase For My Family Of 4...

Hey Everyone!!
I decided to take you on a trip with me to my monthly WinCo. Meat Run.
I admit, I was scared to take pictures but I tried to give you a little insight.
The store is always clean and well stocked, you can get good deals here but always look in your weekly sales paper to see if you can find some better ones. 

It reminds you of a Sam or Costco, but they only accepts Cash.
I purchased a 10 lb. tube of ground meat and a couple of other things. 

 I go directly to the meat section and hardly look at anything else, but just for you I decided to walk around and look at all of the grains, granola, rice, beans, flour, seasonings and etc. Every type of grain, all types of flour, every color rice, even forbidden rice, lol seriously. It's 4 aisles of this, plus a 1/2 of a side wall. I was in heaven. I made sure to take mental notes to look up recipes for my next meat and "grain" run.

Back to the matter at hand, Meat Planning..
First, I check my Freezer and write it on my kitchen Chalk Broad, so I can visually see what I have. 
That's my ADD, LOL!


After returning from WinCo. 

My Total for everything was $68.02.

Chips $4.88
French Bread $.88
Strawberries $.98 ea, I bought 2 (couldn't pass this up)
Shrimp $6.48
Swai Fillets $6.78
4 lbs Beef for Stew $7.30
Beef Chuck Stew $10.67
Chicken Breast $9.27
10 lbs Ground Beef $19.80

I know it looks gross close up.

I broke this down into 2 meals. 

Make sure you use those bags they give you for the meat, especially chicken.
I hate to touch chicken, but I digress.

I broke these down into 2 meals, 3 in each freeze bags. 

I tried my best to eye this one and cut the ground meat into 5 pieces. 

I used 3 big freeze bags. 

This alone, my family can eat 22 meals and that's not including the meat and fish in my freezer..
Yes, I include leftovers as meals as well.
I try my best to cook every other day, I'm not the type to cook every single day.
And I try my best not to cook on Fridays, so most of the times it's every man or woman for themselves, lol!
It's usually pizza, that I've made, leftovers or take out.
We hardly eat out, because I make soo many things, that we just don't need too.

Now everything is all broken down and ready to go into the freezer.

I keep most of my meat in the bottom freezer drawer.
 It makes it easier to get to and it's organized it by my Meal Plan..

I also picked these Strawberries up for $.98 each.

I took one package, rinsed them and cut the in half.

My baby girl loves fruit, fresh and frozen.
So if she wants them just to eat for a snack, she can have the fresh ones and if she wants a smoothie, we can use the frozen ones.

I also wash the fresh ones and put them in a bowl for her in the fridge. 

I hope you've enjoyed my blog and I'll take you again next time.

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Until Next Time.....

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