Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Hey Everyone!
Just want to wish everyone a Happy Easter.
I wanted to show you all these cute and very inexpensive Easter Baskets I made for the girls.
I feel that Easter is but only one day and we still have to live the day after that. 
My family appreciates everything I do for them, for the biggest to the smallest.
It's really the thought that count. 
We all know that Easter was the day that Jesus rose again, it's not about how much candy you get. 

I went to the Dollar Tree an had only $20, that's $10 each and that's including baskets and grass.
  I spent $17.45, OK!
I'm going to let them eat all they want because next week we already have a dentist appointments for cleaning. LOL!
In the immortal words of the cutest M&M's Commercial. 


Until Next Time...

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