Black Bolero/Shrug and High-Waisted Pant Simplicity 1371

Hey Everyone! 
I know some of you remember me posting this jacket on Facebook a couple of days ago. 
Well here it is and I also made a pant to go with it.. 

It's not a tutorial, sorry about that guys. My phone is acting up and it's about time to get a new one. Can you believe the phone won't charge? I'm actually sharing a battery with my husband, so if he's at work and I need to take pictures and my battery is dead. I'm stuck like chuck until he comes home.. 

First, I just want to say. I hope that this was alright for me to post this on my blog. I apologize if I have offend anyone and will take this down immediately. But this is one of my first You Tubers that I've ever followed. This beautiful and talented young woman taught me a whole alot about sewing her short time here on earth and still has a cult following, myself included. I can remember years ago "trying" to make the striped Shrug and Batwing dress, even thought about trying vegan cookies, LOL! She made everything look soo easy. I would watch her videos over and over again, step by step until I got it right and it would come out just like she said it would. She was and still is an inspiration to all of us. I remember going to her channel almost everyday looking for new videos and getting mad when there wasn't any.. Now you know. LOL! She made all of her instructions easy to follow and wasn't afraid to share her gift. I loved all of her inspirational verses at the end of her videos as well. This beautiful being is truly missed by all of her followers in the sewing community..   

Bless you Beautiful Butterfly!!! 

I used her video below to make my top but didn't use the ties. 
I put those on my pants.. 

Click on Video to see how the top was made. 

The pant I used was Cynthia Rowley Simplicity 1371 View C Pant, but added the ties from the jacket. I really loved the this look. Now ask me where am I going in this. Nowhere, but I'm going to find somewhere to go an take a picture for you all. I read alot of review on this pant an alot of you said this pant runs funny, even tighter. My plan was to size up and trim down and it really worked out perfect. Always remind ladies, you can cut down fabric but never add fabric. I didn't a cut the length, I left it below the ankle and it looks really sexy way. I also put the zipper in the front instead on the side. 

I used the same techno scuba knit I in my lace skirt. 
Click the link below for tutorial.

It's not your typical scuba, it's more of a rayon knit in my opinion. 

Techno Scuba Knit Black

 Pant with jacket off..

Closer view

Even closer view

Close up view of waistband and pocket of pant.. 
The fit of these pants are very nice and I will be making more of these. I saw the cutest fabric at Wally World today with my daughter that would be absolutely incredible in this pattern, actually 2.
Note to self, go to Wally World tomorrow. 

Said the woman who's getting a package delivered tomorrow from fabric.com.
Just don't tell my hubby.

I added the band around the neckline to give the Bolero/Shrug and more refine look.
I really recommend you giving this top a try, I bet you'll love it. 
MeeshaTV videos are soo easy to follow. 

Close View of Front

Back view of Bolero/Shrug Jacket.

Side View of Outfit.. 

Closer View of Bolero/Shrug
Sorry about the glare of the necklace.

It's soo nice in person, this picture isn't doing it justice.

Front side view of the Bolero/Shrug

Arm of jacket, which gives this Bolero/Shrug such a beautiful flow. 

Another View of Front. 

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Later this week I'll be posting a TBT outfit I made years ago but haven't finished. 
It's soo cute and great for fall.

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Fast and Delicious Roasted Tomato Soup...

Hey Everyone!
I had some request on how to make my Roasted Tomato Soup.
It's soo easy and it takes little to no time to make. 
This will be great on a cool fall night or for a take to lunch the next day.
I got the recipe from Food Network's Farmhouse Rules but added a little something different. 


6-8 Tomatoes
1/2 Cup Cheddar Cheese
Sour Cream
1 Onions
4 Garlic Cloves
1 Can Roasted Tomatoes
1/2 Tbs Basil
1/2 Tbs Oregano 
2-3 Cups Chicken Broth
1/4 Cup Parmesan Cheese

Let's Go!
Cut tomatoes in half and put under broiler for about 10 minutes or until the tomatoes skin becomes roasted at the top, like below. Turn over tomatoes and roast other sides for about 6 minutes.

In a pot, saute onions until translucent, then add garlic.
After tomatoes are out of the oven, put in onion and garlic mix.

Add all of the seasoning, canned tomatoes and chicken broth.
Let simmer for about 15 minutes.

Add 1/2 cup of cheddar cheese.

I used my hand blender to make smooth, by the way I also added some Parmesan cheese too. 

There you go! 
I told you it was easy and fast. 
Less than an hour to make Homemade Roasted Tomato Soup.

Just add a dollop of sour cream and cheddar cheese.
I also made some Swiss grilled cheese for the girls, and I made Swiss and Corned Beef Grilled Cheese for me and the hubby.   

I hope you've enjoyed this easy and fast recipe. 
Please try it and let me know how you liked it.. 

Until Next Time..

Project Runway Review Season 14. Episode 8: Broadway or Bust

Hey Everyone!
I'm sorry I'm a little late with the PRR, my computer is internet is was acting a fool.. 
Let's just get to it. 


Designers went to see the Broadway Show, Finding Neverland. My goodness, I haven't been to a Broadway show in a really long time. This episode really made me want to see a show. I can remember when I was little, my mom would send us to shows, we'd have the greatest times. Dream Girls, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, just to name a few.. Next time Lion King comes to Dallas, we're going.. 

But I digress!!!

After the show, everybody gets to the sewing room an are soo excited and nostalgic. That's when Tim had to come in a bring them down a notch. Get to work and be serious about the challenge he says. The challenge is to make a wearable fashionable looks based on the Broadway Play, Finding Neverland. Tim let's them know, that there's only 8 designers left and Kelly was safe that week and that somebody's going home. It's anyone's game. 

All pictures are from mylifetime.com 

Guest Judge was Model of 50 Poses Coco Rocha... 
Love her top..
She was very opinionated.

I got the concept but her execution was horrible. She needed more time to tact that corset, she also said this was her first time doing something like this. Her concept was flowing and glitter, I got the flowy but not the glitter. Better luck next time Ashley..  
The judges loved the ombre and idea but Coco said she looked like she had a fight with the drapes and the drapes won.


 Edmond's concept was dreams but had to change it into imagination. Seriously at first, I thought that jacket was going to send him home, but it really looked like a purple cloud and the black she had on under it made the model look 8 feet tall. Those pant was soo sexy and well constructed, that's all they did was talk about his pant. 

Coco didn't like the CLOUD, but love the outfit.
Nina loved the drama in it.
Zac said lose the Muppet. 

Great Job Edmond.. 


Merline really struggled this challenge, her mind wasn't in the game as you can see by this lopsided thing. She really needed Tim to give her a little direction and you already know he did. I think she should have kept the dress part but did something different with those shoulders. 
She said her imagination wasn't working today. Baby, you just saw a Broadway play, that's all the imagination you need. 


Kelly wanted to go Old Glam on us. The other designers better watch out for Kelly. She's really stepping up and showing them she demands respect. She wanted to bring the days back when we all had to dress to the 9's to go to and see a Broadway Show. She even made gloves. If she only brought the skirt down to the knee it would have been better.

The judges liked that she took chances. Nina thought it would photograph great. 


Yes, Laurie!
Hide your head in shame.
What were you thinking about!
Tim told you, you had 2, I repeat 2 different people a warrior and her mother.
But little miss know it all didn't take his advice and look where it got her.
Almost gone.. Listen To Tim, that's why he's there to guide you..

Nina told Laurie, that this wasn't Tinker Bell it was Tinker Hell.
Jesus, take the wheel on this one..
Laurie, come on.. I'm soo disappointed with this mess. Her concept was fairy, pixie dust, magical and doing 3 pieces. She wanted to do a modern oversized coat mini dress, with a ruffle hot pant with the opened circled bustier with tulle.  
Are you confused yet??? 
I was.. 

The judges saw the jacket off and said it was a mess. Too many issues and too many ideas. 
Coco said she would be uncomfortable in this. 
I guess the judges at least knew she had ideas with all this and kept her. 


 Swapnil's inspiration was dreamy but structured at the same time. It reminded me of a dress I saw at the Emmy's.It was nice but he did this last week with the rope. 
His piece was nice, he felt he should have been in the top. That goes to show you Swapnil, you better start putting out 100% instead of 40%. Tim also told him that to, your too talented to be half-assing the challenges. 


Swapnil's dress really reminded me of Joanna Newsom's dress by Delpozo at the 2015 Emmy Awards.

Poor Lindsey
Didn't have enough of ideas. She's soo bland, sorry Lindsey but you are. 
She really didn't have a concept,only airy and flowy.
When I think of airy and flowy, the color blue comes to mind. Even though green is one of my favorite colors, it does scream air to me.   

The top front and back was pretty but not exciting. Her model actually looked like Tinker Bell. The bottom and middle part screamed inexperience to me. I'm not the high-low dress type, it's confusing to me. I'm a one length kind of girl, but I'll never knock anyone else for it. It's just not me and apparently not the judges either. 
The judges loved the color, Nina said it was a disaster. 



Congrats to Candice!!

She told Tim her concept was, Owning your Darkness and I understood that immediately.
Then tells us her parents were drug addicts and her childhood wasn't that great but being able to come from that and still being able to celebrate it in a good way, makes her appreciate where she's at in life even more.
Overcoming obstacles!! 

This outfit by far was the best interpretation of the challenge.

Nina said the effect was beautiful, dramatic..
Brava said Zac.. 

I hope you've enjoyed the Project Runway Review.

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Easy Dinner Ideas.. Salisbury Steak Meatballs with Mashed Potatoes

Hey Everyone!!
I just wanted to share an easy and weeknight dinner for you and your family.
It's called Salisbury Steak Meatball and Mashed Potatoes. 
When I tell you good, I mean good. Every last meatball saw gone in one night, I'm telling you again, GOOD! I found the recipe on Pinterest and made my own interpretation of how to make it.

Soo Good!!

It's soo easy to make..

Ground Meat
Panko or Bread Crumbs
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
1 Egg
1/2 of Gravy Packet
1/4 Cup of Water
Dried Basil
Dried Oregano 

1/2 Gravy Packet
1 Beef Cube
Dried Parley
2 Cups of Water

Mashed Potatoes
2 Tbs Sour Cream
1 of Butter
1/4 Cup of Milk

Here we go!
Pre-heat Oven 350 Degrees

Mix all top ingredients together. 
Take about a tablespoon of mixer and make into a ball.
Put meatballs in oven safe pan and bake for 25 minutes.

Have way through baking

As you can see they shrink tremendously after 25 minutes 

To make the gravy, add all gravy ingredients together, bring up to a boil.
Let simmer for 10 minutes, add meatballs and let cook for another 10 minutes.

Boil mash potatoes on another pot until soft..
Mix all of the mashed potatoes ingredients.

Put M/P on plate, spread meatball and  sauce.
Add Fresh Parsley for Garnish..

All Done..

I hoped you've enjoyed me quick and easy dinner idea.. 

Until Next Time...


Dollar Tree $7 DIY Cactus Globe Terrarium

Hey Everyone!
Well today I have an easy $7 DIY for you.
I was looking at Pinterest the other day a saw the cutest cactus plants.
Well I'm not a flower or cactus girl, I literally kill every plant I come in contact with. You can say I have a "Black Thumb", LOL!  No Seriously.

I'm either in Walmart, Target or the Dollar Tree and came across these faux cacti, well you already know my mind started churning. I picked up 3 glass vases in different sizes, 3 cacti all different and a bag of rocks. It took about 5 minutes from start to finish and the results are very dramatic and realistic. It would look nice in your bathroom, on a side table, on a shelf, just about anywhere. Dollar Tree has alot of easy, fun and cheap DIY projects that's just waiting for me to make.. 

Aren't They Cute!!!

Here's another look at them.. 

This is my inspiration picture. 
When I find a glass containers with the hole on the side, I will be making me alot and putting them around my home.. 

how to plant cacti in terrariums:

Things you need:

Faux Cactus

1 Bag of Rocks

3 Glass Bowls or Vases
Mine are Small, Medium and Large

Pour the rocks into the glass bowl.

Pull the Cactus out of its container. It should be really easy, Just trim the stem and stick in rocks. 

So easy and cute.. 

Another look 

The cactus colors are soo vibrant. 

I really had a hard time choosing 3.

Last One..

I hope you've enjoyed my easy, fun and fast Cactus globe terrarium DIY and only $7 bucks.
You can't beat that price to add a little beauty in your home.. 

Until Next Time..

DIY Toddlers Slippers