ThrowBack Thursday.. Memories

Hey everyone! 
It's Throwback Thursday and I was just thinking back to see how much my girls have grown. My oldest daughter, Tatiana is taking the picture, she's my beauty queen. I'm holding on to little Nile because I know at any moment she would dart right into the water. Still til this day, she's the fearless one. Laila's the middle is the silent and observant one. Very conscious where we moves, just like a chess player. This picture was taken about 6 years ago in Mississippi while visiting my oldest daughter. I'm originally I from New Orleans but we moved to Dallas in 2004.

I'm not really a picture taker, never have and never will be. 
I don't like it. No Reason, it's just me.

Here's another beautiful picture that my oldest Tatiana took.
I know she needs to go into photography.
I actually have this picture enframed on my shelf. 

My hubby and my mom, when she came to see us on her Birthday about 2 years ago.

That's me and my girls about 5 years ago.. 
Everybody's all grown now.
I miss those times.

I've always been a Fashionista.
Me with the bow tie and the big smile and my beautiful cuz..

Last one!
My best girls and I went on a Fabulous cruise and we have a great time. 
I was feeling myself, lots of drinks and great company..

Until Next Time...
Make Memories Chic!!!!!


My Version of a Rainbow Cake..

Hey Everyone!
This post is going to be short and sweet..
About a week ago I was strolling through YT and I stumbled across this lovely lady's channel called 
My Cupcake Addiction. She is amazing, she makes cupcakes, recreates candy bars, cakes and alot of other decadent desserts..  
Needles to say, I subscribed to her channel immediately.

She made a Fabulous Zebra Cake that I wanted to recreate this beautiful cake.
Below is my version

I used 2 regular boxed cake mixes and cream cheese frosting and alot of food coloring. 
1 Box of White Cake Mix
1 Box of Chocolate Fudge 

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My Cupcake Addiction
Below Click.

This is my version of the "Zebra Cake"'.
I call it Rainbow Cake, the colors were vibrant and fun as you can see.

I even let my daughter do her version in cupcakes and it turned out soo pretty but they had eaten all of the cupcakes before I could take a picture.

Not bad for my first time trying it. 
Now I know what not to do when making it again.  

Sorry about the crumbs but this is real life.. LOL!

Until Next Time...

Summertime Simplicity 1607 and 2562 Jumpsuit..

Hey Everyone! 
If you come to my blog often, you know how much I love wally world..
I was in Wally World Monday and came across this beautiful home decor fabric and knew I had to make something with this.I It was $3.00 a yard so I picked up 3 yards. After I made my Circle skirt on last post, I went to Wally World and purchased to rest of the 1 yard and 5/8 . My mind is always racing thinking of different patterns, types of clothes or outfit to make. Oh .I remember this cute Jumpsuit and knew I had to make it. Ask me where am I going to wear it. I don't know and I don't care I just had to get out of my head and in some fabric. LOL! 
I'm. Crazy like that! I get a little obsessive when I have and idea in my head. I remember posting this on my FB groups and putting it on my "Must-Sew" list. 

Check this one of the many boxes off my Must-Sew List!! 
Being that my "girls" are large I added straps and the Cynthia Rowley 1607 was just the ticket..

 This was my inspiration jumpsuit. 
When I first saw this on Pinterest, know I had to make it or something similar.
She looks soo cool and cute and I love the print.
Maybe I'll make it in Ankara someday. 

 My FAVORITE Pant Pattern.
It never ever fails me, I use the average cut and it always comes out perfect.. 

I only used 4 pieces of this pattern, 3, 4, 7 and 9.
That's it..

I used the top bodice and straps from this pattern. 

All cut out and ready to sew. 

Now let's get down to business.
I started on the pant first and didn't need a zipper, so I closed the front completely up..
I didn't need to cut out a zipper panel or anything else.

It's sewn shut....

Pocket View..

Finished pocket..

I left half of the back pant open because I'm putting in a zipper in at later date.
I wanted a pink, purple, orange or blue one, I can't decide
My pants are all done, so I put them aside and off to the bodice.

Putting the bodice in was straight forward, but I did something different with the bodice front. 

I took one of my french curves and cut a deeper sweetheart neckline in the bodice. 

Shown is after the french curve was cut.. 

Front and front side bodice sewn together. 

 Another thing I did different from the back bodice was cut the back in two pieces,
 I'm adding the zipper to the back not the side. 

 Picture of bodice 

The straps literally kicked my ass. 
I was about to stop sewing this and move on to another project.
I don't want to talk about it, but I finally got them together and I'm glad I didn't give up.
This Drove the Hell out of me..

Below is the inside view of straps and lining sewn together. 

Right side closer view of straps and lining sewing together.

Putting it all together..

Top half is done.

Putting both top and bottom together then serging it.

Closer view of Sweetheart neckline..

Closer view of attached straps and side bodice.

 Nobody's perfect.
You still see the stitching of the straps. 

Close View of Bodice.

Close view of straps

Pocket View

Close View of Bodice and Pant

Last one!

You can wear this anywhere, out to dinner, girls night out, even a wedding. 
You can dress her up or even down and she'll be fabulous.

I hope you've enjoyed this post. 
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Easy Corn Dog Pops..

Hey Everyone!
I'm back with an easy and fun way to make lunch or dinner for your family.
I try my best not to cook or do as less a possible on Friday's. Growing up my mother never cooked on Fridays, it was every man for himself. Not saying we didn't have any food in the house, we just had to carry our butts in the kitchen and make something for ourselves. My mother worked really late on Fridays at her beauty salon and was not about to come home and cook for us.. 
Even though I am a SAHM, I still carry that tradition in my home. 
I make something that takes little to no effort on Fridays.. 

Friday and Saturday was Corn Dog Pops with Garlicky Fries..
The kids love them and you will too.


Jiffy Corn Bread
Turkey Sausage
Cake Pop Maker

For 1 box of Corn bread use 4 Turkey wieners.
I used 3, mistake.

Cut wieners in in bits and microwave for about 30 seconds. 

Put wieners in corn bread mixture. 

 Add to cake pop maker, leave for about 4 minutes and there you have it.. 

Close view of corn dog pops.

Easy Corn Dog Pops with Garlicky Fries 

I hope you've enjoyed this easy and fun way to make dinner for your family.

Until Next Time...


Spa Essentials: DIY Body Powder

Hey Everyone!
I know I'm a day late but you know the life of a Homemaker is never done. I'm really working on a project and so focused on that, I almost forgotten about Spa Essentials.
I trust me, I have a good one for you.
This is a very easy DIY that anybody can do. 

It's my DIY Scented Body Powder...

Supplies needed:

2 Cups Corn Starch
Old Perfume ( Used Nile's Perfume) LOL
Cotton Balls
Puff or Brush
Ziploc Bag

Measure 2 Cups of Corn Starch and put in Ziploc bag.

I know it looks a little gross but trust me it's worth it..

Get 3 cotton balls and spray about 30-35 times into each cotton balls. 
I used my baby daughter's perfume, I buy her the knock-off versions of my perfume, if I didn't she would used all of my good stuff.. 
That's what I get when you raise a mini me.

Put cotton balls in the bag and shake.
Keep in bag for about 3 days, shaking 2 a day.

I used my Total Face Brush and it works well..

 On my last blog next week I'll be doing a DIY on a softening Milk Bath with Rose Water.. 

 I hope you've enjoyed this Spa Essential and want to make it and tell me if you like it or not, I do!

Until Next Time...

DIY Toddlers Slippers