Outer Wear Series #4 - Very Formal Affair...

I know I'm a day last and a dollar short.. I was suppose to have this done by last Friday. I didn't want to rush it.. I wanted it to be done the right way and if that means me being a little late. Then so be it..
Without in further adieu...
Here she is.................. Ms. America!!!
I love her so much, the collar is so modern but the bottom is soo Vintage..I've always wanted a coat I can twirl in.. She was inspired by Dita Von Tease. I'm in a couple of Sewing Facebook Groups I was inspired by a beautiful vintage outfit from my fellow Sew Sista, Kimberly Clark..
She made a beautiful vintage inspired jacket that I went crazy for and had my mind just a turning.. 

I actually out 2 patterns together to get the look.
 I improvised..

I have a secret to can you tell..
I want you too really look at it and tell me what it is.

View of Brooch
I didn't want buttons so I used this instead..

It's a beautiful Balloon Brooch, I've had it for years and years..
It was given to me by a beautiful Asian lady, when I worked at the Veterans Hospital.
She loved how I treated her and her husband..
I was honored..

My inspiration pieces..
1960's Vintage Coats

The top of my coat is Butterick 5685 and I traced a circle skirt to form the bottom..
 Both top and bottom are fully lined in a beautiful purple fabric..
I purchased the fabric from Wally World.
Fabric was $1.50 per yard and Lining was $1.30 per yard..
For a grand total of, $10.40, well not including my blood, sweat and tears..

Butterick 5685

I cut out a size 16 because I'm very top heavy. I always say, cut big just in case you have to take in and I did. You already know how I feel about cutting fabric..

Picture of the circle skirt cut out..
Did you get it, yet?

Putting the Bodice together.. 

Back Bodice, the left is pulling a little.

Connected front and back bodice.. 

Connected collar to bodice..

Inside of bodice without lining..

Neckline of Collar

Installed pocket in Circle skirt..

Picture of lining.. 
Did you guess the secret, yet?

I connected the arms first to both lining and coat, it was easier to do it that way. It just didn't make any sense follow the patterns directions.. 

I cannot lie.. I ripped off the shoulder pads from one of my older jackets that I purchased from good will.. 

Jacket without lining but shoulder pads, she's looking good.. 

Closer view with shoulder pad.. 

Bottom circle coat fully lined.. 
Did you guess it?

Picture of neck and top of coat..

Armhole of coat with lining..

I connected the top and bottom pieces together.  
I took alot of picture but they didn't come out right.. 
She came out soo nice.. 

OK! OK! 
My big secret is that it's upholstery fabric.. Alot of you were asking what material did I use. I wanted it to be a "SURPRISE" and to show you that if you put you mind to it. You can make just about any fabric come to life.. The fabric is really soft and not sift at all. It was very easy to work with as you can see, she transformed into a beautiful Vintage Starlet..

I hope you like her as much as I do..

Until Next Time..


Outer Wear Series #3!!!

Continuing the Series on Outer Wear. Yes, I know I'm a couple of days late. I was waiting on the right buttons..  You all know how I feel about Kini Zamora on Project Runway. He's the person that inspired me to try to modify this dress pattern into a "Jacket". I know it's not exactly like it but he was my inspiration to it make this..

First, let me start by saying that I "HATED" stretch denim, but I was told by some sew sisters that a 14'inch needle would do the trick. By then it was too late.. So let's call this Jacket "Practice" and I'll tell you why..

I purchased the fabric from Wally World for $1.50 per yard and this was the first dress I ever turned into a jacket. I didn't follow all of the steps in the  pattern. I modify it to my liking, praying that it'd work out.. I adding 4 buttons, the pattern asked for 10. I also added longer sleeves, faux cuffs, by using the collar patterns and pockets.

To say it was my 1st time making a "Trench" I think I did well on "Practice".. Now I can buy a better quality fabric and needle to get a even better look..
This will be probably my everyday Trench to run errands in..

Side view of her..
To say that I purchased the fabric for $1.50 a yard the quality of it was really nice..

That damn Kini does it to me every week and leaves me wanting more.
 I don't know what I'm going to do without him.
Isn't she lovely!

Side View of Kini Z. Trench Coat from Project Runway, Season 13

Back View of Kini Z. Trench Coat of Project Runway, Season 13

And we're off.. 
12 pieces in all, very easy to follow and understandable. 

When I saw the Trench that Kini did on the show, I ran until my patterns stash and pulled McCall's 6279 out. I've have this pattern for about 3 years maybe even more.
I wish I could have shown you how brown the pattern sleeve is.. 
Gross and embarrassing, lol..
Ya'll don't need to see that.. 

McCall's 6279
I used View C and added sleeves and cuffs..
M6279, Misses'/Women's Dresses and Belt
McCall's 6279

Wally World Special, $1.50 per yard..
Can you say "Score"!!!!!!!!!

View of Front and Side Panel..

View of Side Panel

Back view before attaching front and back together

I added pockets by using a pocket pattern for a skirt. 

Both pieces sewn together.. 
So Far, So Good but crying because of the puckering..

Look at what I did!!
Can you tell, I'll give you 3 seconds..
In 3,2,1....
I put the belt loops on upside down.

Sorry, I didn't take pictures of me putting the collar on.
I get to caught up in the process that I actually forget to take pictures..  

The sleeves are from another jacket pattern. 
The top piece is the faux cuff. 

I traced the collar pattern and added interfacing, sewed around cuff leaving just a little out, then turned it inside out. I ironed and top-stitched around the cuff.

I attached the cuff to sleeve. 
Didn't used that button, it's just visual.. 

Close View of Trench.. 
This will be in heavy rotation with the other jackets. 
I can feel it.. 

Back View of Trench.

Another View of Trench with Belt

I still can't believe I put the loops on backwards..

Following this post will be a skirt I made from the left-over denim..

Until Next Time..
SEW IT CHIC..........


Outer Wear Series #2

Hey Everyone...
Continuing our Series on Outer Wear every Wednesday.. 
I always loved McCall's 6611 pattern and wanted to do some with Ankara fabric, so I put the 2 together. I order this fabric about 2 months ago. The Blue-black suiting fabric was from Fabric.com about $2.95 a yard and the Ankara fabric was from my favorite Etsy store, TAMBO Collections about $6.95 a yard . She was has such great prices and beautiful ankara designs..       
So without any further ado..

Here she is, I haven't named her yet as I do most of my garments. 
So for now she will remain nameless..

I had this pattern for a while, but was really scare to use it.
I finally got the nerve and I can honestly say, it was easy to make.. 
McCall's 6611

I didn't line the jacket, only lines parts that will show like the neckline, back bottom and front flaps.
The directions wasn't confusing at all, I just did my own thing when it came to the lining..  

Picture below shows the front panel and lining 

Put they together faces each other

Making sure you trim access fabric

Turn panel inside out and iron flat

Picture of both panels

Picture of front panels and neck lining.

I put interfacing in neckline to give the jacket some stability 

Picture of Inside of neckline after sewn and ironed flat.

I have a Mini Serger but she broke on me, use a zigzag stitch if you don't have a serger.  
It's not perfect but works for me..

After putting all of the pieces together this is how inside of the garment looks.
As I said, I didn't line garment.

Almost finished Jacket.. 

Back View of Jacket

Garment laying flat

View of back pleat. 

I had enough of fabric to also make wide-legged pants.
If you'd like me to put the on my blog just reply below..

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