Latest Creation.. McCall's 6552 and A BIG THANKS!!

Hi everyone!
I know it's been a minute since I've posted but I computer is acting up on me.
I'm still on a wing and a prayer writing this post.. 
Time Warner should be here tomorrow to clear everything up.
I've had this material for about a month now. 

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to the "Wonderful Human Being" that left the bags of Lovely material on my doorstep last week. It was about 9 am in the morning and the family and I were in bed. The door bell rang and I thought that my hubby was going to answer it. Well it rang again, I got up and looked out of the door window and saw the ANGEL. She was a slender lady with hospital scrubs on. I open the door and said hi, (mind you, I had on a night dress and scarf around my head)
  But she ran off so quick, I couldn't talk to her. She said she loved my blog (THANK YOU) and then turned, walked away and got in her car. I made sure I waved at her as she left.. 

Latest Creation

I purchased it from Wal-Mart for $2.50 per yard,
Of course.. 
I really wanted to make Palazzo Pants but didn't have enough fabric. I knew I needed something for my trip that's coming really soon, so I decided to make McCall's 6552..
It reminds me of a Kimono.. 

Back View of Dress.
I love the fit of this dress soo much, that I actually put it on for about a hour and walked around the house, Loving myself..

Side View 
Isn't She Lovely.. 

 Close View of the top of the dress.. I love the sleeves.. 

Another Close Up View..

I can't wait to wear it on Vacation..

Until Next Time..


DIY Cupcake Stand/ Candy Bowl!!

I love DIY's and this one's the easiest and I'm thinking the cheapest. I already had the items I needed in my home.. But you can purchase them from the Dollar Tree.. 

Items Needed:
3 Plates
2 Candle Stick
Glue Gun

Hot glue all of the plate and candle sticks together.

And there you have it!!! 
Beautiful Cupcake Stand..

Also, I made a Candy Dish just for $2.00.

Nile wanted to show you how to get a candy..
Hint. Hint! I want a candy..

Close up of the Bowl and the candlestick holder, glued together..

Until Next Time
DIY It Chic!!!!!


By The Beach!!!

Blue Elegance!!!

Reorganize My Accessory Closet

I Confess, I Cannot Tell a Lie.... 
I'm a Accessory Addict And No I Don't Need Help! LOL
I 'm constantly buying things that I don't NEED but WANT.. 
As time goes by I am slowly growing out of my accessory closet, so now it's time to reorganize it.. 
Come with me and I'll share some tips and tell you the freebies I got to organize my closet.. 

Everyday I feel like I'm shopping when I enter my closet.. 
Let's take a tour.. Shall We!
First, starting with the door. I purchased 3 purse organizers and they really come in handy. 
That 3rd purse is a vintage LV, it belonged to my beautiful mother and she had it since the 80's an handed it down to me. I keep it close and everytime I open my closet door, I smile. 
Entrance to my Closet
I added 8 shelves in this very small closet, I went vertical because of it's size. 6 shelves was added to the back for most of my shoes and 2 for my boots on both side..  

I put some of my necklaces on a thread holder I found on side of the road. (FREE)
Always put cute pictures and motivation plaque around your home.. 

Some of you may already have that bracelet holder (below). I purchase that from Family Dollar for $10. (STEAL)
The cream large jewelry holder was purchased from a yard sale for $1.50, yes $1.50. It huge and holds alot of my goodies. I know it's missing a knob but who cares, I love it...

On the top of my jewelry box is the basket with alot more bracelets. 
(see above) 
On the side of the bracelets are some of my watch boxes.. I storage the others in my jewelry box.  

I actually made my ring holder.
I needed storage for my rings, looked on YT and I thought this idea was soo cute..
It's not all of my rings I store the rest in the glass jar on side of my jewelry box.. 

Side View of Ring Holder.. 

TIP #1:
Ladies, you know when your fashion rigs break off and you don't know what to do with them.

Well,I went on eBay and bought ring post, just in case something like this happens.. 
I just use a Soldering Iron to put them back together. Home Depot has them for $20 and your ring is good as new.. 

Good as new!! 

My husband and middle daughter Laila calls me the "Junk Lady" because I'm always coming home with something I found on side of the road.. lol
While driving around our neighborhood I spotted this cube on side of the road..
Told my daughter to help me put it in the back of the van, cleaned it up and now more storage for my closet..

It's enough storage for all of my DIY Clutches and can put 2 pair of shoes in each cube.

TIP #2:
Put your shoe polish in your closet for easy access, by keeping it in your closet, it's easy to find.. 

Top left side shelf with boots.. 

TIP #3:
Easy way to get your boots to stand straight up.

Get old magazines and roll them up

Put them inside of boots and there you have it.. 

On the right side top shelf, you guessed it MORE BOOTS and boxes.. LOL

Below the shelf, is another necklace rack.
(sorry I forgot the picture)
I use this side for my earrings and sun glasses.
Went to thrift store and purchased the CD rack and covered it with a stocking and hung most of my earrings on them $2.00 (STEAL). Earring tree and sun glass storage was a Family Dollar find $3.00.

My sunglasses and jewelry is sitting below on a shelf I purchased from Wal-Mart for $15...
I put all of my scarves in the black basket. 
 and use the remaining shelf space for purses and shoes.. 

TIP #4:
Look above my door!
 Ladies this is another spot for shoe storage.
Just hang a curtain rod over your door..

Inside view of the curtain rod above the door..

TIP #5
Every other season I rotate my shoes. I put my Fall/Winter on the top rows because I'm not using them but when the weather changes, I just transition them for easy access. 
Front view of my closet.

I hope you like the tour of my Accessory Closet and adapt some of my tips to your closet..

Until Next Time...

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