Saturday, June 21, 2014

DIY Labels!!! Why Not Make Them Yourself??


I know that I could have easily gone online and find a website to make these for me, but I love, love doing things myself. I made labels about a year ago and remembered how to do it..  
I think they came out really Chic! 
If I say so myself.. 

Items you will need are:
Iron-on transfers (Wal-Mart or Office Depot)
Ribbon (light colored)

First steps are all done on your computer:
Go to Microsoft Publisher onto Labels
Make your design 
 Make sure your image is Mirrored of Flipped (meaning backwards) on computer

Like This...

Cut out Label and Ribbon, make sure you put about an inch more on each side of ribbon..

Put Label on top-middle of ribbon and place iron over both pieces for about 15 seconds.

 Let it cool and it peels off.... easy-peasy!!

And here is you very own "One of a Kind" Label!!!!!

 Turn the end of each side of ribbon toward the back and iron them, 
it's easier when you sew them on.. 
Please don't put the iron over the whole ribbon, just the ends. 
We don't want to mess up all of your hard work..

Until Next Time...
Make It Chic!