Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Easy DIY Marshmallows..

Easy Homemade Marshmallows

If you love Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows, you'll love this recipe. Once you make these, I promise you, you'll never buy store bought marshmallows again..

I never thought that making Marshmallows was soo fun and easy.. 
Look at it's deliciousness....
They're so soft and tasty.
  My family can really tell the difference, they tell me that the ones I make are alot better..  

How to Make Marshmallows - CHOW Tip

Follow all of the steps an ingredients in the video..
Below is the pictures of how the Marshmallow Transforms.. 

At first, when you add the ingredients.Start the mixer, gradually adding speed, you'll think that something's not right but keep it going and press ahead on the highest setting.. 

See what I told you.. 
This is about 3 minutes in..
Keep mixing..

 5 mins in..
Keep Mixing..

About 7 minutes in..
Keep Mixing..

OK, 9 to 10 minutes in.. 
When it looks like marshmallow fluff, it's done..

Transfer Marshmallow into a oil sprayed pan.

Now the HORRIBLE part begins..
You have to wait 6 whole hours.
YES! 6 hours, until it sets.

Looks like somebody couldn't wait.. 

Now let's get down to business.
Tip: Sprinkle cornstarch and powered sugar on counter or cutting board, before you place the marshmallow block down..

Close up view of Marshmallows.. 
Looks soo good..

Cut marshmallows in anyway you like.. 

Close up view when cut..
Make sure you put a generous amount of powered sugar and cornstarch, you wouldn't want all of it to clump together..  

And there you have it..
 It tastes soo heavenly when it melts into the cocoa.. 
Oh My Goodness...

Until Next Time..
Make It Chic!!! 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Easy Morning Waffles with a Twist..

Hi Everybody! 
I've been trying find new ways to spruce up my girls breakfast, they love all types of things but you can get tired of eggs and turkey bacon all the times. 
So I went on my FAVORITE website Pinterest and came across this easy way to make flavored Waffles for my girls on a Cold Fall Morning..

It's so easy and taste soo good..

All you need is Flavored Muffin Mix, yes.. Muffin Mix, they're about $1 each and a Waffle Maker..
It makes about 4-5 Waffles.. 
I'm quite sure you can also make pancakes too.. 
I'll try it one day.. 

Mix all with 1/2 cup milk and full waffle maker and Viola!! 

Easy as pie!!!

Until Next Time...


Sunday, November 9, 2014

No Sew November!

Hi Everyone! 
I'm officially naming this NO SEW NOVEMBER! 
I want to focus on my home during this month..
I will be posting all of my DIY projects weekly.

I will be painting, crafting,  decorating , knitting and other things..

Please stay tuned..

Until Next Time...
Make It Chic!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bread Bowls Recipe..

Hi Everybody!!
Last Week, I made these beautiful Bread Bowls for dinner and everyone went crazy. I attempted to make these once before and it was a major FAIL. I never give up when I really want something..I was determined to get a better recipe to make these babies..
The "Gods" smiled upon me and sent me this recipe.

Seriously, look how delicious they look..   

The recipe was used from a YouTuber, her channel is called
Just press the video and enjoy or just look at my step.
Shit, just do both.. lol
Tessa made the recipe very easy to follow and you don't need alot of ingredients.

Stand Mixer (optional)
Olive Oil
2 packets of yeast
All Purpose flour
Bread Flour
Egg white

I have a helper accompanying me today.
Doesn't she look professional in her apron, made by mom, of course..

Make sure you follow all of the steps that Tessa tells you..
Add all of the dry ingredients together..

This is the warm water, yeast, and olive oil.

Mix all ingredients together and make a semi-smooth ball, place ball in a greased bowl.

Put damp towel over and leave it to raise for 40 minutes to an hour.

Look how huge it's gotten..
Nile couldn't believe it..

This is how it looks when the towel is off.

Lay flat on your counter and cut into 6 even pieces..

This is very, very important.
I want you all to look at Tessa's Video..
She teaches you how to pull, pinch and roll the balls to make them tight.
Make sure you cut X's into the rolls..

At this point cover rolls again with damp towel and leave for 40 minutes..


 I threw away alot of my baking pans, most of them are on their very last leg, so I used this pizza pan because it's round..
Hubby, Great Christmas Gift!!!

My wonderful assistant is really good at helping me by basting the rolls with the egg whites..
She looks so serious..

To make the BB nice a crispy put a pan in the top of oven and add a cup of water when baking..

They came out

Make sure you let the BB cool completely..
While they were cooling, I made potato soup..

After "bowls" are cooled. take a sharp knife and cut a circle at the top.
Please, try not to cut the bottom of the "bowls" all of your soup will fall out..

Take you your finger and scoop out the rest of the bread to make the soup fit better.

They're so delicious and my husband and daughter just ate the bread by itself..

Soup recipe is from The Pioneer Woman below..

Try it and tell how you like it..

Until Next Time...

SEW IT CHIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Outer Wear Series #4 - Very Formal Affair...

I know I'm a day last and a dollar short.. I was suppose to have this done by last Friday. I didn't want to rush it.. I wanted it to be done the right way and if that means me being a little late. Then so be it..
Without in further adieu...
Here she is.................. Ms. America!!!
I love her so much, the collar is so modern but the bottom is soo Vintage..I've always wanted a coat I can twirl in.. She was inspired by Dita Von Tease. I'm in a couple of Sewing Facebook Groups I was inspired by a beautiful vintage outfit from my fellow Sew Sista, Kimberly Clark..
She made a beautiful vintage inspired jacket that I went crazy for and had my mind just a turning.. 

I actually out 2 patterns together to get the look.
 I improvised..

I have a secret to can you tell..
I want you too really look at it and tell me what it is.

View of Brooch
I didn't want buttons so I used this instead..

It's a beautiful Balloon Brooch, I've had it for years and years..
It was given to me by a beautiful Asian lady, when I worked at the Veterans Hospital.
She loved how I treated her and her husband..
I was honored..

My inspiration pieces..
1960's Vintage Coats

The top of my coat is Butterick 5685 and I traced a circle skirt to form the bottom..
 Both top and bottom are fully lined in a beautiful purple fabric..
I purchased the fabric from Wally World.
Fabric was $1.50 per yard and Lining was $1.30 per yard..
For a grand total of, $10.40, well not including my blood, sweat and tears..

Butterick 5685

I cut out a size 16 because I'm very top heavy. I always say, cut big just in case you have to take in and I did. You already know how I feel about cutting fabric..

Picture of the circle skirt cut out..
Did you get it, yet?

Putting the Bodice together.. 

Back Bodice, the left is pulling a little.

Connected front and back bodice.. 

Connected collar to bodice..

Inside of bodice without lining..

Neckline of Collar

Installed pocket in Circle skirt..

Picture of lining.. 
Did you guess the secret, yet?

I connected the arms first to both lining and coat, it was easier to do it that way. It just didn't make any sense follow the patterns directions.. 

I cannot lie.. I ripped off the shoulder pads from one of my older jackets that I purchased from good will.. 

Jacket without lining but shoulder pads, she's looking good.. 

Closer view with shoulder pad.. 

Bottom circle coat fully lined.. 
Did you guess it?

Picture of neck and top of coat..

Armhole of coat with lining..

I connected the top and bottom pieces together.  
I took alot of picture but they didn't come out right.. 
She came out soo nice.. 

OK! OK! 
My big secret is that it's upholstery fabric.. Alot of you were asking what material did I use. I wanted it to be a "SURPRISE" and to show you that if you put you mind to it. You can make just about any fabric come to life.. The fabric is really soft and not sift at all. It was very easy to work with as you can see, she transformed into a beautiful Vintage Starlet..

I hope you like her as much as I do..

Until Next Time..

Merry Christmas 2017